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Explains Cerissa completely. ;)

Favorite photos

Message Boards of notice:

Qu`ellar d`Veldrin
(The Guild where Cerissa resides.)

A Dark Dwelling
(Cerissa's little place in the world.)

Candlelight Alliance
(A gathering place for do gooders.)

Dalharen d'Phlith
(An evil aligned Guild Cerissa has grown to appreciate.)

Firiona Vie
(A general message board for the Firiona Vie server.)

Grimthor's Distillery
(A message board for a role-play channel on the Firiona Vie Server.)

House Illumine
(A light aligned Guild who probably would like to nuke the gnat. Defunct guild.)

The Oasis
(A neutral gathering place for good and evil alike.)

Wolf Cult
(An honor bound guild Cerissa likes to "play" with.)